Sunday, August 31, 2008

A new award ...

I'm so excited!!!! Special thanks to Cathy at for selecting me as one of her favorite prim blogs. I'm honored, Cathy. Truly.

Each recipient of the Primitive Excellence Award must:
  1. Proudly display the award on their blog
  2. Add a link back to the person who nominated them
  3. Nominate at least seven of their favorite prim blogs with links to their blogs
  4. Leave a comment on each nominee's blog

And now I'm to pass the honor along ...

to ...

in no special order because they're all some of my very favorites ...

Kim at Cabin Creek Farm

Doreen at Vermont Harvest

Kelley at With Hook and Needle

Judy at The Spice Cupboard

Terri at Thistle House Primitives

Miss Prudence at Quaint & Plain
Cheryl at She Seeketh Wool and Flax

WHEW! Get your favorite drink and settle in ... lots and lots of prim readin' to be done ... click away prim seekers ...

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's ready ... FINALLY!

Seems like forever ago that I posted a sneak peek to my Punched Pinkeep Dolls! I'm so pleased to announce that the pattern is ready to go! (Can you believe it, Linda S.????) Punched with 6-strands of floss, these lil gals punch up nice and quick! And they're just the perfect addition to your antique sewing basket. This is a paper-only pattern available only through Aunt Polly's Attic. The cost is $10 postage paid. You can find the pattern on my website ...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you ...

I've loved receiving all the wonderful comments and e-mails! Thanks so much everyone ... every single one truly touches my heart. I've so enjoyed sharing my work and pictures with you. This blogging stuff is the cat's pajamas!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hubby's Quilt ...

Thought I'd share a picture of the quilt I made for hubby using repro civil war blues and browns offset with shirtings, a small border of dark brown, and a wider border in my favorite blue fabric from the quilt. I think it turned out very manly ... no sissy colors for my macho carpenter dude. This was my first attempt at setting blocks on point ... believe me, I wouldn't want you to examine my points very closely!!!! All in all though, I'm pleased with the results and even MORE pleased that it's no longer sitting in my UFO basket.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Penny Rug is FINISHED ...

I can't believe I've finally finished it! It's done, done, done ... and what a project it was. A whopper! It measures 47" x 21-1/2"!!!! One inch short of four feet long! Wowsa!! I tried and tried to get a picture of it but there wasn't anywhere in my tiny house to lay it out and take a good picture of it. I took it to work today and had one of our photographers photograph it in the studio. We pinned it to a black backdrop so that's why you see the corners pulled up a bit and the little humpy pull in the top center. He did great job capturing the true colors of it. MUCH better than I could have done (special thanks to Bob B.) ... and a heartfelt THANK YOU to my friend, Cee ... your pattern was wonderful to work with ... stop by and visit Cee at her website (get those drool rags ready, you're soooooooooooo gonna love this)
I'll be listing the penny rug on my website soon ... I'm working on several new prim goodies at once (which could be disaster - lol) ... stay tuned ...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

BOO!!!! Here I am ...

I apologize for disappearing for a few weeks ... I've been busier than a cat in a roomful of rockers ... working hard in the gardens ... nursing hubby after his hip replacement July 15 ... working long, hot summer hours at the university ...

We're just beginning to enter the Dog Days of Summer here in northern Illinois ... it's been so danged HOT and HUMID!!!! Hard to work for very long in the gardens, that's for sure. But look what was waiting for me the other morning!

Isn't it gorgeous????? And the smell is incredible!!!!!

Immediately the song from the Count on Sesame Street bounced into my head ... "One of these things is not like the other ... no, two, yes TWO of these things are not like the others ... no, three, yes THREE of these things are not like the others ..." (could be that I'm showing my age here ... LOL!!!!)

There are actually five of the lilies buried in the coneflower -- with another five big fat buds getting ready to burst open.

The black-eyed susans LOVE this hot and humid weather too!

* * * * * * * * *


Oh my gosh, I LOVE how this little yo-yo dolly quilt turned out! My first attempt at a yo-yo quilt and I loved working on it. I'm sure it won't be my last yo-yo quilt. Completely handsewn using reproduction fabrics, the dolly quilt measures approximately 10" x 12".

Pitch black grubby cupboard candles ...

Primitive hand waxed candle paddles ...

* * * * * * * * *


My sons, Quinn and Josh. My heart, my soul, my life. I love you guys!!!